Friday, July 10, 2009

Abolishing PPSMI

I hate to say this, but may be TS Muhyiddin took an unwise path on abolishing PPSMI.

PPSMI brought the concept of introducing phrases and syntaxes of science and technology. it is not about how to master English Language, it is about to conquer all those science and ITs bombastic words!!!...

Thats why PPSMI is for science and mathematical is to prepare students towards a better understanding in universities later. And indirectly, enforcing students to master English. It is not the other way around.

and to think they would change PPSMI with adding extra time for English and learning "English Literature"? it was just too lame. Even "Malay Literature" is not taught in full blast, why should we learn of some foreign literature?

in fact, when the Mathematic And Science subjects were still taught in Bahasa Melayu, those subjects are still the lowest-scored among Malay students. What explanation would you give on this?....Blame on English when actually in truths they are just lazy to learn or the teachers are a such a bore?....

I personally dont think this is about PPSMI concept, it is about the way students are breed and spoon-fed. And, nowadays self-indulged teachers who just want salaries more than helping their pupils to succeed.

students have young minds. if there are many good and passionate teachers, who teach with patience and understanding, instead of these new breed "unemployed-apply kpli-just so-that i-could get-a-job" kind of teachers, who do not want to be a teacher on the first place, no matter how stupid the students are, they would eventually still succeed regardless of wht language there is...

sorry, but i personally oppose the abolishment of PPSMI...and i put more blame on the 'new breed' teachers than the students who have dificulties to study in english.


saya harap, syarat untuk menjadi guru harus diperketatkan lagi demi menjamin masa depan anak bangsa.

i rest my case.

Jessnor Eina Mat Jizat

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