Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year Wish...

My ideal wish :.........
  • I wish that our leader would manage Malaysia more efficiently with smart planning that would benefit every citizen in the country
  • I wish I could do something for our suffering Moslem brothers and sisters in Palestine
  • I wish USA would not so war-driven. chasing their imaginary demons and terrorists from one country after another. (after iraq, iran??syria??..for reason as lame as mass destruction weapons?? democratised a country??bulls***t!!)
  • I wish that USA would stop supporting and selling weapons to Israel and their Zionist movements.
  • I wish that all Arab lords would stop killing our Moslem brothers and sister by selling off all their USA bonds.(Didnt they know that they are indirectly supporting those Zionist by giving money to USA by buying their bonds?)
  • I wish we could safely live in this world in harmony without racism and religous antagonism

but well, reality bites.

It hurts so much....

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